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Welcome to the Anarcho Book Club! Since the book club has only just started, there isn't a whole lot of history to tell. However, we are building upon the shoulders of giants, the shoulders of anarchists throughout time.

The purpose of the Anarcho Book Club is to explore the philosophies that span the whole spectrum of anarchist philosophies. To be clear, everyone in the world is an anarchist in some respect. When you get up in the morning, you are an anarchist; when you decide whether or not you will eat something, you are an anarchist. However, this is the beginning of anarchist philosophy.

While some people get up in the morning and are limited in their choice of food or shirt, others are not limited. This is a point of contention that left anarchists rehash and work out in their thousands of works throughout time and history. Some are unionists and others are anti-union. Some anarchists are communists and others are capitalists.

Here at The Anarcho Book Club, we merely claim to be anarchists in the simplest terms. We attempt to find the common ground between all anarchists by finding the simplest paths to liberty. And don't think it's easy. Liberty is a loaded word in today's world. It is identified with the Libertarian Party and with the conservative movements throughout the world. However, when an anarchist speaks of liberty, they are simply referring to the ideal that a person can navigate life unmolested by oppressive powers, be it the state or some other monopoly. And that is what we're trying to establish, a base set of documents and philosophical ideas that give our anarchist brothers and sisters the tools to speak truth to power and fight the oppression of the state.

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