Fri 09 July 2021 ยท Herag Anarchivist

Today we mix things up a little. We are minimizing our footprint at Anarcho Book Club. While we love LBRY and Peertube, it seems a little redundant and stupid to throw these episodes up there now. Neither channel gets more than 2-3 views and there are a lot more downloads of each episode via RSS and so we have decided to stop uploading to those platforms.

We have also decided to simplify production of these episodes. This episode was made purely using FFMPEG, and that's it. No editing and from now on we are going to minimize how much editing we do to each episode.

With that out of the way, we are pleased to present the conclusion of Chapter 2 of The Hero With A Thousand Faces. Hopefully you have grabbed a copy of this book and have been reading along. If not, sit back and enjoy, though you may miss some context.

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