The Quaker Experiment

Fri 02 April 2021 ยท Herag Anarchivist

Hopefully you have read Pennsylvania's Anarchist Experiment by now. We will discuss this and the living movement of Anarchist Quakers in Pennsylvania today. The two should not exactly be conflated, but they are connected by a unifying philosophy of anti-violence and individuality through unity.

Into/Outro music is from Kai Engel's Chapter Four - Fall album. You can get that album and many more of his albums from his Bandcamp page.


Friendly Anarchism

I came across this podcast as I was looking for some material about the modern Anarchist Quakers.

Movement for a New Society

Katherine, the Friendly Anarchist, referred me to this site for some more information about their movement.

AK Press

While visiting the Movement for a New Society, I discovered this gem of an online bookstore featuring all sorts of Anarchist authors and titles.