David Graeber, part one

Since his recent passing, I have decided to do an episode on David Graeber's book Debt: The First 5000 Years, in which he discusses the origins of debt, the origins of taxation and the ramifications for the modern world. Please join me in this and read along!



Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

A French anarchist who claimed that "property is robbery!" His book "What is Property?" is the focus of this episode and we get into the meaty details of his theory of property. You will see that I disagree somewhat, but ultimately find this book to be very enlightening on his specific philosophy.

Anarchy Bonus Episode

Just a little blurb where I discuss a few things about anarchy and the things that all anarchists have in common, regardless of their "sect" within the movement.

Michael Bakunin

Michael Bakunin is a forward and assertive anarchist, a man out of his time. His propositions have helped to change the way anarchists see the world, and nowhere is it more apparent than it is in his book, "God and the State". In this episode we read through a few parts of his book and discuss the overall concepts he discusses in the book. Meanwhile, I get off track and go on a little rant.


god-and-the-state.epub god-or-labor.epub

Other Works by Bakunin:


Emma Goldman

Emma Goldman may have been one of the most influential anarchists in North American history. She wrote a number of essays, but her main body of work consists of speeches and rallies. She was a unionist, feminist, decentralist, a probable atheist, which culminated in her identity as one of the most notorious anarchists of her age.

The following is the first oggcast of this club. Below it are links to the different things discussed in the podcast. We hope you enjoy!